Laurel Road

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The opportunity to design a new family house is always exciting and the development of the design for this new detached home was no exception.

Located on the edge of a lush, historic park the site offers a fantastic opportunity for a busy, growing family to take the exhilarating step of commissioning their own home for the first time.

The bold, contemporary design reflects the spirit of the original houses in the area, whilst the form and massing of the property have been carefully modelled to ensure that the building responds sensitively to its surroundings, with the use of a gentle mono-pitch roof minimising the impact on the neighbouring properties and the site layout ensuring generous separation distances between the main building and the neighbouring houses.

The use of hardwood cladding externally will ensure that the property softens into its woodland surroundings and the vaulted ceiling throughout the first floor creates an delightful sense of grandeur and space.

With construction about to begin on site, we hope to see our clients and their family moving into their new home at the start of next year.