New Bond Street

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We felt hugely privileged and honoured to be appointed to work on this incredible building in New Bond Street, London. Built between 1874 & 1883, the architecture is in the Italianate Renaissance style and the property is home to one of the most high profile jewellery companies in the world.

With our specialist partners on the project (Consolux M&E Consulting), we worked on a wide range of projects throughout the property ranging from the re-design and refurbishment of existing office space, through to the refurbishment and repair of the delicate stonework on the front fa├žade, as well as the production of promotional images for hoardings and working closely with specialists to secure permissions for the installation of new exterior lighting and festive decorations.

The incredible quality of the existing architecture meant that lengthy and detailed negotiations were required with Westminster City Council on all aspects of the works.

In addition it was essential that the disruption to the day to day running of the business was kept to an absolute minimum whilst the incredible qualities of the existing fabric were preserved and protected at all times during the construction works.